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Budget to be at WFIC 2017


Set your education and travel budgets to include WFIC 2017. The World Financial Information Conference (WFIC) biennially hosts 450+ professionals from 40+ countries for a multi-day event that focuses on issues related to market data sourcing, compliance, and delivery. WFIC 2017 is scheduled for September 24-27 in Barcelona. Keep this admission fee structure in mind when making your budget:

  • FISD Regular Members: $1,900 USD
  • FISD Consumer Firm Members: $500 USD

Registration is now open. Due to high demand, WFIC 2015 was only open to members and we expect to carry that policy forward for WFIC 2017. In order to attend, your membership must be active at least through September 27, 2017. Contact Tracey Shumpert for more information or to make sure you're eligible. WFIC is less than a year away, so now is the time to join FISD to ensure that you're eligible for the conference.

FISD 2017 Executive Committee
Twelve member companies were chosen to serve two year terms beginning in February.  The complete list of Executive Committee members can be viewed here.  The new Executive Committee chose a new Chair and Vice-Chair:  Yousaf Hafeez of BT and Steve Dickey of CBOE.

FISD Exchange Group
David Anderson is in the midst of proactively reaching out to our Exchange members to seek ideas for improvements to our quarterly CG meetings but also seeking ideas of how FISD can better serve the Exchange community. If David has not yet contacted you by all means contact him. Also any non-exchange member is welcome to send suggestions to David in respect of this Exchange CG.

CCG update
Several activities are in-flight in the CCG: (1) A call has been scheduled for March 30 to discuss a number of issues related to credit ratings; (2) The U.S. Exchange Group is collecting and compiling information on the possible effects of the adoption of “per user” usage and reporting metrics by exchanges..; and (3) An exploratory call is going to be scheduled to discuss the feasibility and desirability of repeating FISD Consumer Benchmarking research project.  If you have questions, or are interested in participating in any of these activities, please contact Tom Davin.

FISD MIFID Working Groups
with Jan 3rd 2018 about 9 and ½ months away we are collectively on the final glide path to compliance. FISD, specifically David Anderson,  is continuing its separate ‘Real Time’ and ‘Reference Data’ working groups with a Real Time meeting having taken place on Feb 6th and a Reference Data meeting scheduled for March 21st. Based on experience with other regulations like Solvency II we expect these working groups to continue some meetings even after Jan 3rd 2018.

Roster of FISD FIAs surpasses 1,120

Certification Program.png

FIAs are increasingly recognized for their industry knowledge -- and their ranks have grown dramatically. Derrick Wong of Capital Group Companies, was the lucky FIA #1,000 when he passed his exam in December. To honor his accomplishment and toast the FISD FIA program's milestone achievement, he was awarded a bottle of champagne in addition to his certification plaque. Wong commented, "My experience with the FIA exam was quite challenging as I had only been in my current role for a year, and while I was familiar with some of the terms and concepts -- I believe studying for this exam gave me a full picture of how everything ties together. The exam was quite comprehensive as I studied for issues and trends, different types of data, structure of the markets, and the ever-changing technology. For my preparation, I actually learned quite a bit from my colleagues throughout the year to build my foundation of knowledge and spent additional time understanding the regulations and figuring out all of those acronyms! After passing the exam, I feel more confident in my role and believe this accreditation gives additional credibility to those who work in the industry." Qualified FIAs are leading the charge to raise the standard of knowledge for market and reference and data professionals. Are you ready to earn your FIA stripes? Learn more.

Growing the FISD Professional Certification Program
Level 2 – is now well underway with our appointed consultant Andrew Miller having contacted several subject matter experts on the chosen first module topic of ‘Data Licensing’ . Andrew and David Anderson are working hard to a close of H1 deadline. If you are an active and willing subject matter expert in this topic please contact David Anderson as we always appreciate more help and input from members.

FIA Study Group is coming to the Boston Area

Study groups for FISD FIA candidates in the Boston area are forming now. These no-cost, no-obligation study groups will allow you and your industry colleagues to help each other prepare for the FISD FIA exam by sharing your existing knowledge and your research about the various sections of the exam syllabus. Contact Nick Merritt for more information. 

FISD in Europe
Over 140 attended a busy and thought provoking event in Amsterdam back on Feb 2nd and we can tell you that we have already booked a return visit to Euronext for Feb 1st 2018 so please put that in your diaries now. Our London Technology event on March 9th was even busier with over 230 attendees who all seemed to be on Cloud 9, our gracious hosts JP Morgan have already offered to have us back in 2018 and we will soon have a March date for your 2018 diaries. If you can do join us in Zurich for a drink on March 30th and look ahead to the summer with us in London on June 21st and 22nd and of course WFIC for September in Barcelona – 2017 is a strong year for FISD in Europe. Where else should we be in 2018? – do send David Anderson suggestions.

FISD Event Recap: New York Issue Brief


The New York Issue Brief was held on Thursday, February 23 at the S&P Global Market Intelligence office in downtown New York City. This informative program included two panel sessions—the first on negative interest rates (present in some economies; could this happen here in US?) and the second on biometric authentication (will we soon witness the death of passwords?)—as well as insight from Nasdaq’s John Zecca regarding activities and responsibilities within his exchange’s market surveillance department.

The FISD team would again like to thank our host S&P Global Market Intelligence and all of our guest speakers for being apart of this successful event.

FISD Event Recap: London Technology Forum
The London Technology Forum was held on Thursday, March 9 at J.P.Morgan. Topics for this event included:

  • How might cloud computing transform market data delivery and storage – are we heading for Market Data Delivery 2.0?
  • Can removing the human element from data notifications and policy changes also remove some of the pain?
  • How can we use technology to provide better data and solve the Best Execution challenge? Avoiding MIFID penalties: is compliance just a data issue?

The FISD team would again like to thank our host J.P.Morgan and all of our guest speakers. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event in London.

Presentations are located under the March 9 London Technology Forum on our 2017 events calendar. Click Here to review.

Share Your News in the FISD Newsletter


 Members can have their press releases, events, white papers, blogs, news articles, and job postings featured in the FISD Newsletter. Delivered monthly to thousands of financial information professionals, the newsletter is a great place to spread your news. Email relevant material to Michael Zingali with the subject line "FISD Newsletter Submission.

Time to get to work with SIIA Boot Camp
SIIA, FISD's parent company, is launching a series of boot camp events in 2017 to offer a deep dive into issues facing members in all of the associations under the SIIA umbrella. These first events scheduled for the SIIA Boot Camp Series will tackle marketing:

These events will bring together the best of SIIA's four membership divisions to help you navigate issues such as the growing need to be both a master technologist and a master brand builder, reaching your customers via email instead of cluttering up their inboxes, developing a message for social media platforms that is unique from your conventional marketing messages, using the right analytics in this data-driven environment, and much more.

FISD Singapore scheduled for March 23, 2017
We would like to invite you to attend our Q1 Singapore event. The financial community consisting of market data consumers, exchange representatives and vendors will join us in Singapore to discuss forward thinking information providers and provide an insight into market data strategy and business objectives for 2017 of key community stake holders. Industry stakeholders support FISD as the forum of choice to identify and resolve the business and technical issues that affect the administration, distribution and utilization of financial information. The FISD agenda encompasses the wide range of commercial, technical, and regulatory issues that face the financial information industry. To see details Click Here.

FISD Brazil Scheduled for May 18, 2017 
This event on May 18 in São Paulo promises to once again draw key members of the regional financial information community.  You can review the preliminary agenda here.

An FISD first: Rising Stars Happy Hour Scheduled for May 23, 2017
Whether you’re just starting out in the data industry or you’re a grizzled veteran, there is still plenty to be gained from listening to someone’s story. With that in mind, FISD invites you to join us for the first-ever Rising Stars Happy Hour. Instead of wine and canapes, this relaxed take on a traditional happy hour will feature pizza and pints. This more casual atmosphere will allow you to meet industry colleagues from all levels – senior executives down to recent grads. Speakers from the FISD Executive committee will warm up the room with their stories of how they rose to their position in the financial information industry, then we’ll turn you loose to twinkle, er, mingle, with your fellow rising stars over pizza and beer. We encourage you to not discount junior employees, or shy away from bothering someone with a corner office – you can learn a lot from the sharp minds that FISD brings together. Who knows, you might just meet your next mentor! To see details, Click Here


March 23: FISD Women's Group Toronto

March 30: FISD Zurich Lite

April 19: FISD Chicago Mixer

May 9: FISD Tokyo

May 11: FISD Hong Kong

To see a full list of our 2017 Events, Click Here

Consumer Index Group
Contact: Nick Merritt +1 202-789-4441

Consumer Constituent U.S. Exchange Data Sub-Group
Contact: Tom Davin +1 202-789-4465

Business Issues Policies and Practices Standards (BIPPS) Working Group
Contact: Tom Davin +1 202-789-4465

Service Level & Communications Working Group
Contact: Nick Merritt +1 202-789-4441

MIFID II Reference Data Working Group
Contact: David Anderson +44(0)1825791382

*All constituent group meetings are invitation only
Consumers Contact: Tom Davin +1 202-789-4465
Exchanges Contact: David Anderson+44(0)1825791382
Data Vendors Contact: Nick Merritt +1 (202)789-4441

Tom Davin (DC Office):
Singapore: March 22-24
Sydney: March 27-28
Nats Park: April 3
Corolla, NC: April 5-6
Chicago: April 19
New York: April 27-28

Nick Merritt (DC Office):
Chicago: April 19

David Anderson (UK Office):
London: March 21
Zurich: March 29-31
New York: April 24-30
Tokyo: May 7-10
Hong Kong: May 10-13
London: June 21-23

Anika King (DC Office):
New York: April 27

Tracey Shumpert (NYC Office):
Toronto: March 23
New York: April 27

Hope Wilkes (DC Office):
New York: April 27

 Michael Zingali (DC Office):
Boston: April 6
New York: April 27

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